Punks & Poets: Imogene Barron

“Style is a definite sixth sense,” says Imogene Baron, and she should know—the Sydney-born stylist seems to have an innate talent for piecing together an outfit that’s at once effortlessly cool and totally experimental. It’s a talent that helped solidify her killer career within the few years after leaving school at age 15, and finds her as one of fashion’s most sought-after cult favorites. Barron is the newest addition to our Punks & Poets lineup, and here’s how she kicks it:


Tell us about the path you took to become a freelance stylist and photographer.
I started styling and assisting at a very young age and made the decision to leave school at 15. Things just rolled on from there and I had my first magazine job at 18—I was extremely lucky. I only shoot photos personally as a simple progression from the styling work.



Photo by Jason Lee Parry


What does style mean to you and how did you develop your own?
You can tell so much about a person by the way they present themselves to the world. My style, as most people’s, has definitely had its moments. Because I’m constantly surrounded by clothes I’ve ended up with an extremely low maintenance approach to dressing I like to call “so bad it’s bad.”



Photo by Bec Parsons


What makes you fall in love with working with certain models?
Obviously their look is what first attracts me, but personality and personal style play a huge part in the decision process and the start of a relationship. I need to have confidence in knowing they can put on anything and make it look amazing. These girls become an inspiration and integral part of my creative process.



Photo by Imogene Barron


Your work is very low-fi and intimate. Why is that?
It's the way I like the images to look; I have always loved raw imagery and shooting mainly on film. I like pictures with feeling and depth and a sense of realness to them—the beauty is all in the imperfections.


Photo by Bec Parsons


Where's the strangest place you've drawn inspiration from?
Definitely my dreams. Some extremely strange things happen most evenings while I'm sleeping and they are a main source for a lot of what you see within my work.


Photo by Bec Parsons


How do you kick it?
I like to have a few fresh sock options on hand, ready and rearing for any given moment. Sometimes I go through three pairs in one day depending on my mood. I wear them most frequently under pants for a pop of color or with my favorite adidas slides. Don't try this at home.

See more of Imogene’s work at imogenebarron.com and imogenebarron.tumblr.com.